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Chia (b. 2000, tondo) is an internet artist in radical pursuit of the web, words, & worlding by the systems that shape them. Mostly, they love to cultivate tools & communities that gather people to come together and create. Based in New Haven and studying CS & Art at Yale, by way of Manila. Previously, they've coded & designed at Spotify, Kumu, Rappler, for NDMOs, literary publications, & many more. Incoming Product Designer at Figma.

Right now, I'm launching a music blog + tape label + press (???) out of my apartment and nurturing Filipino technologists at Developh. At school, I lead Design at Yale & Friends of Figma and am building an artsy game maker. Creating, always: blogging as I have for a decade, working on an essay collection, a zine each month, and other silly small things — get updates on my newsletter.

🤔 Interested in working with labels, music for Web3; other music platforms/tooling til Q3 2022. Pitch coming soon. Product design portfolio available upon request, resumé here.
Open to freelance & fun collaborations. 🌸

In order of most frequently used → least + music, generally @hotemogf everywhere

  • radically designing design (as industry, service; education, its archival; tooling) and games
  • The Philippines
  • communities, organizational development, systems design, education
  • product, graphic design theory & history, speculative design
  • Southeast Asian tech industry, tools for thought, op-investing
  • writing, to know what I think & to remember
  • slow cinema (Lav Diaz, Kidlat Tahimik, Sion Sono)
  • music writing & journalism, making bad ambient/noise
  • collecting maps, comments, audio & sharing them
  • improving the end-of-life experience, how everyone deserves a biography
  • zines & screenprinting
  • bettering public spaces & infrastructure in Manila
  • University Challenge & Mastermind
  • clouds

👋Talk to me about any and all of this!


In New Haven, Connecticut.

Very out of capacity, so please bear with me if I'm replying terribly slow / missing messages despite being online! It has been a tough time... :~(

Refreshing Developh for its sixth year, making things more collaborative & community-generated!

Working on my thesis: an artsy gamemaker inspired by maps, retro tech, walking simulators, experimental tools, and Dwarf Fortress.

Launching Bad Internet, a music blog and tiny tape label.
The usual criticism is nice, but I'm moved by the challenge of musical ekphrasis (especially by people you care about) and emotion spurred by music. I'm excited about leading an interview series highlighting visual + live art/designers that work closely with musicians.
Working on maybe, an experimental press + label to publish & create things for myself and my friends. I love wearing many hats, have been falling in love with the material quality of things, and like unique little limited edition things made out of love. :)

Writing and designing a collection of essays. Producing artists' books and zines. (You can pick some of these up here, later!)

Collecting, making tape loops and tiny web pieces, playing with synth-y ambient sounds and the worst noise music you've heard. (I want to soundtrack my own indie games & net art + apply this to software!) Rebuilding my paracosm and using Figma as a worldmaker.

I want to collaborate and create! If you would like to make fun things together, plz talk 2 me! 🤸‍

I would like to spend my days figuring out how we can enable others to create. Until the act of creation is truly ubiquitous, software will not serve us and art will not speak to us. In the long-term, my biggest dream is evolving Developh into a nonprofit physical community space, school, and press in Manila exploring the intersections of tech, design, and the arts.


You can find most of these on Mostly diary entries.

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A dream to create more than I consume and create with those I love. Not in chronological order!

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Newsletter & Personal Discord

I send very occasional emails about what I make. So occasional that I only sent one out in 2017 because I feel guilty of the space I occupy in people's inboxes. I'll actually be using this now, promise. Archive here.


I also have a personal Discord where I share updates with friends and acquaintances alike! I find it easier to talk in group settings because I easily get overwhelmed 1:1 + I'd love for this to be an avenue for me to know more people and collaborate! Come join!


If you enjoy the things I build, write, and produce, email me for prints or send me a Ko-fi. ;)

Thank you! Please talk to me! I am lonely! But I am really, really, really bad at texting!
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