Chia is 21 and studying Computing & the Arts at Yale, from Manila. They are a creative technologist creating radical systems for creators and communities in pursuit of making creation ubiquituous, as the internet age had given them.

Chia loves the internet, design theory, and Car Seat Headrest. This website is a showcase of work (design, development, & writing), in-depth process, strange passion, and more.
I'm shy, but I would love to meet you.

Some Work

Chia's Blog

In high school, I wrote a novel over winter break. In 2021, I'm writing 25,000 words a week. If all things work out, I hope to have a million words out by the end of the year.


Partial everything, selected and recovered. Experiments and a larger collection of work across writing, games, visual play, newsletters, subcommunities, and other things I have created.

I also have a newsletter I send out once a year or so.