Chia Amisola
Chia Amisola is a creative technologist in radical pursuit of the web, worlding, & systems.

(IN PROGRESS)—I think we can make the web a more beautiful space.
Currently, I am interested in thinking about the browser and tiny game engine

Chia is a creative technologist and writer in radical pursuit of worlding & systems.

Chia (they/them) is currently based in New Haven, born and raised in Manila, Philippines. They're in their senior year at Yale studying Computing & the Arts.
This website is a showcase of process (design, dev, & writing) and the half-baked.

They're also having fun with video game lore, music journalism, hosting a radio show every Friday at 8PM EST, and are making terrible audio recordings.

Seeking full-time opportunities starting Summer 2022. Let's talk?

Some Work (WIP)

Rewriting case studies, as one does. These are designed for reflection on products and projects (and for others to learn from them, too), more than they are for scannability and recruiting. (Sorry!)

Email me so we can talk more if you like what you see, plus get the decks and all.

Chia's Blog

In high school, I wrote a novel over winter break. In 2021, I'm writing 25,000 words a week. If all things work out, I hope to have a million words out by the end of the year.


Partial everything, selected and recovered. Experiments and a larger collection of work across writing, games, visual play, newsletters, subcommunities, and other things I have created.

I also have a newsletter I send out once a year or so.