Chiara is a nineteen-year-old student at Yale studying computer science & art. From Manila, ever since she was young, all she wanted to do was create.

What best describes what I want to become is a creative technologist—I'm a designer & coder interested in unlocking the potential of the web as a medium to tell stories, bridge people together, and empower creation. I thrive in ambiguity, come from a background of working in high-growth spaces, and create for the majority world.

Currently, I run Developh nurturing student founders in Southeast Asia while building social impact products, and User Experience Society Yale fostering human-centric design & engineering leaders at Yale. My current pursuits are editing + designing a twice-a-month newsletter for Philippine tech at, curating experimental tech at the Yale CCAM, and working at a Manila-based stealth startup.

I'm building web experiences, games, writing studies and/or essays on life and creation. I build to impact.

I was the 2018 Student of Vision speaking at the Grace Hopper Celebration Keynote Stage—and speak a lot about computational justice and utilizing tech for empathy & good. VIEW RESUME?

In my free-er time, I love designing gig posters (in 2019 I did over 20! ♥), cartography, building indie games (especially on the browser), attending shows, writing psychological horror, and exploring emerging medias. While I am looking for an internship, I am also looking for a D&D group.

If I wasn't a technologist...

I would be a music journalist, I think. Here's some of my bad drawings of records (from

Folie a Deux by Fall Out Boy I forgot oops by Daughter I think A doomer album A doomer album A doomer album