I'm Chia, a CS & Art undergrad at Yale from Manila. As a technologist and designer, I seek to build radically and question systems at scale.

I founded Developh to disrupt tech in Southeast Asia, where our accelerator & programs serve over 100,000 students. I founded UX Society Yale, build for a progressive Philippines post-weaponization of the internet at Iboto.ph, and design at LAB.PH. I'm also part of the first Adobe Design Circle Cohort.

I've designed for collective action at the Yale Women's Center, Manila Pride March, make games, to working in newsrooms under fire. I also build creative tools, scout Southeast Asian tech, and scream about things I love. I'm most interested in building tools & spaces for creators, or setting out to build experiences that fundamentally change the way you see the world.

As an occasional speaker, I was the 2018 AnitaB.org Student of Vision at the GHC keynote stage—speaking in frequent workshops at Developh to arenas of 20,000. Last year, I spoke in three continents.

You'll see me attending shows, updating Wikipedia, worldbuilding, collecting vinyl, reading on game design, playing incrementals, and watching three hour-long movies.

As a designer, technologist, creator...

  1. I execute.

    Working on over two dozen projects at Developh with student founders to wearing different hats in early-stage startups has made me love building both independently, and with people. Pushing code, pixels, product, and bringing people together fascinate me. I've scaled three week projects to reach millions of people, and have done this over and over.

  2. I create for creators & communities.

    Since middle school, I've been in love with worldbuilding & cartography—artifacting a fictional universe (its systemes, inhabitants, stories, and worlds) I work on til today. Beyond that constant, I write, build community for thousands of students at Developh and in the Yale Women's Center—questioning how in the age of mass creation we must move to inclusivity and the less dystopian.
    Right now: I'm especially interested in the browser as a form. We could do so much more with it.

  3. The art of building should be democratized & radical.

    Laying out infrastructure, democratizing information, scalable documentation & communication, and architecting design & code with intent are some of my principles. Progress is not made by mindless feedback loops for instant growth; we must act with scale and time in mind. Creation to me is moving beyond standards and patterns, actively seeking breakthroughs.

Last.fm capture from 2010 (age 10)

If I weren't in tech, I would be a music journalist.