About Chia

I'm Chia, a nineteen-year-old CS and Art sophomore at Yale from Manila.

As a technologist and designer, radical spaces that empower creation drive me. I seek to explore the experiential potential of the web, and question systems at scale to work towards computational justice.

I founded Developh in high school to better the tech ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Now, we run an accelerator for mission-driven initiatives and tech programming for over 70,000 students, with over a dozen projects. I serve as President at UX Society to co-design tech at Yale and build for a progressive Philippines at Iboto.ph. I also practice creative code, scout for the Southeast Asian tech ecosystem, and build narrative indie games.

Starting from freelancing on online forums to discovering my place in tech interning at Manila-based startups in high school, I'm driven by the potential of creation from the scrappiest of rooms. My work on the Yale Women's Center, collective action, and desire to help others create for true change also guide me as a creator. Designing and growing things like the Manila Pride March, several student startups, and tech communities further informs me.

As an occasional speaker, I was the 2018 AnitaB.org Student of Vision at the GHC keynote, and have spoken in workshops of 20 to audiences of 20,000.

You'll see me attending shows, updating Wikipedia, worldbuilding & sketching maps, collecting vinyl, reading on game design, and watching coming-of-age movies. I am also looking for a D&D group.

If I wasn't a technologist, I would be a music journalist, I think. Here are some of my bad drawings of records I'm into lately (drawn on guessthatalbum.com)

Martin by Car Seat Headrest Are We There by Sharon Van Etten Wild Youth by Daughter A doomer album A doomer album Dig up the Dead by Mansions