Chiara Amisola

  is a nineteen-year-old CS & Art student at Yale, from Manila. I create initiatives and products to build the world.

At Developh, I'm accelerating & investing in youth-led innovation for social good in Southeast Asia. At Yale, I run User Experience Society & do creative code. Recently, I spoke at the first Asia-Pacific GHC on computational justice & tech activism. Here, I make & blog.

I'm seeking Summer 2020 opportunities!

On Design, I design inclusive and impactful projects, having worked in newsrooms to edtech startups.

Always growing, I'm driven by empathy and experience to craft stories and bridge communities. I'm passionate about experimental, front-end & creative code, & love engineering designs to life, too.

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On Product, I'm informed by my work with incubators in emerging markets & in student-driven creation.

At Developh, I launched a student-centric accelerator while overseeing the technical growth and development of about 8 projects in mission-driven fields.  At Yale, I develop programming for student founders & work with student incubators.


through engineering (especially with user-facing products) and writing is what I do. I'm always looking to redefine innovation and how it transforms & shapes our world.


I love music, hypertext poetry, incremental games, and all things poetry & prose. I fail a lot too.

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is a student, creator, and all-aspiring designer, PM, and engineer. resume


I write intimate prose (or raw thought) about design, games, & life. Subscribe to my Tinyletter for doses of them or read my blog (since 2013). I create games on that might interest you, too.




editing on Wikipedia (100+/month)

worldbuilding & fiction

DIY music of the indie rock persuasion


working (writing) at the SCP Foundation


building for the decentralized web

creative computation: WebGL, three.js, p5.js

bettering time + focus while working jobs ~20 hours a week, growing Developh, a women's health startup, and more...