What does it mean to world on the web?


Presently, I'm interested in the creation of 'worlds' and (re)inventing the tools to enable human makership at scale. Our present materials let us capture the world around us, information craeted but impossibly digestible to the human. Synthesis and reading becomes our greatest challenges with the materials ahead of us. The question of 'production' must come with the work of 'presentation'.

I believe we fail to comprehend the scale and implications of instantaneous communication, and that the web is built with little regard to 1.) how humans digest information, and 2.) the trust in the potential of humans to process and create new worlds. Cyberspace is a detached concept ruled by metadata and weight, yet the best actors for making sense of its density are given little regard. What would the work look like if we considered substance over quantity? These movements can be as simple as a photograph on an iPhone easily prompting one to comment, annotate, and filter text. The worlds inside my head, and the realms I find myself a part of exist beyond the physical world—what current software records. When we give humans the power to reorient, we can fashion entirely new systems and structures.

Craft vs Concept

(IN PROGRESS)—The question of balancing 'craft' and 'concept' has forever been argued against in art and design institutions. Instead of testifying to some impossible new universally-resonant standard, here's how I grew up thinking about these questions:

In the underresourced Philippines, I was taught to make. Most work is conducted as social response (i.e. out of necessity and fear) or out of imitation of the west, with little regard for the conceptual or systemic implications beneath it. The best visual designers I know come from my home, who create fantastic, complex work on the most 'limited' of software (e.g. Microsoft Powerpoint for motion graphics). A strong culture of craft, substantiated by a strongly-linked and open community taught me makership at an early age.

I'm exploring these thoughts on 'craft vs concept' from anecdotal observations in my experience in the Philippines vs. America in an essay. Link to be posted here soon!